My Team is an idea that is based on basketball card team that you can use in-game. When you go to a player, it shows the letter grade of the player's attribute. You must rank up to get the best player squad.

Players skill

A player that is mostly C's are bronze. Players that are mostly B's are silver and Players are gold are A's. When you are playing my team for the first time, it'll start with bronze players and silver and gold after ranking up. You can improve their attributes by going to the starter's pack where there are signature skills and attribute improvement. If your team needs to improve, you can but boosters at the main menu. You will unlikely get players but you are more likely to get a coach, arena, attributes and team jersey.

Earning VC and Market

The only way you can buy the booster packs are by earning VC (virtual coins) by competing in online or offline games. See how I didn't mention by wins cause for some strange reason 2k decided to give the same amount, win or lose.

There is also an easier way to get players by searching the Market ,where based on there real-life counterpart's stats is the VC value of a player. So you'll be having a rough time trying to get Lebron if he keeps having 30+ point games every night in real-life compared to a small VC value of a guy who just came of the disabled list.

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