Denver Levins is a supporting character in NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode, he is played by actor Jak Knight.

Denver Levins
No. 11 - Determined by User
Nickname The Pulp
Position PG
Draft Pick Undrafted
Personal Information
Nationality American

NBA 2K17

Denver joins the team you were initially drafted to immediately after the draft. Levins is introduced to Pres during a cut scene in which Denver tells Pres about himself coming up from the D-League and that he is an avid player of NBA 2K.

During your rookie season, Levins will be a consistent weak part of the team. He will rarely get any playing time and will struggle throughout the season. Regardless, Levins becomes the team joker and develops a good relationship with Pres and Justice Young, often appearing in cut scenes with the duo and calling himself "The Pulp" due to the duo nickname of "Orange Juice" between Pres and Justice.

Levins appears in multiple cut scenes with Pres in which they play NBA 2K competitively, giving the impression of a fierce 2K rivalry. Eventually, Levins will be dropped from the team and will go back down to the D-League. After the trade talks for Justice are over, Levins eventually comes back onto the team on a 10 day contract. Pres and Justice will be very happy with this decision and will be excited to see Levins once he arrives. After Levins plays out his 10 day contract he will be offered another 10 day contract which keeps him in the league for longer.

During a team practice, Levins will reveal to Pres and Justice that he is having a child with his girlfriend by telling them that he had to do some "Childproofing around the house".

Levins will eventually run out the rest of his contract and will move back down to the D-League. Levins will text Pres to tell him the news in which Pres will offer to talk to coach Brubaker about bringing him back. Levins will eventually come back and will be signed for the remainder of the season.



  • When Levins' second 10 day contract runs out, there is an option not to talk to your coach about Levins in which he will remain in the D-League.
  • During multiple plane cut scenes, Levins' player model is replaced by a duplicate of Justice Young.
  • Levins will send you many random texts during the season in which he acts as a referee and hands you technical fouls.

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