Team Rotation

Here you can set your players minutes per game. A players minutes per game can range from 0-48 minutes. If a player is playing almost 48 minutes a game, they have a greater susceptibility to injury. 

Total Sim Control

Most people will not play the entire 82 game season, so it is important to set your options for when you simulate a game. You can select your team's: Scoring options, offensive style, and defensive style. If you set this up perfectly, it can greatly improve your win probability in simulated games. 


Set up the playbook you would like your coach to use during games. There are over 100 plays inside the play catalog for you to choose from. 

Assign Plays

Each player can have certain plays to run when they have the ball in their hands. Select the appropriate plays based on your player's position and ability. 

Live Practice

Have a scrimmage to perfect your game. You can select to have your team play against each other, or just have a single person shootaround. 

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