Purchase facilities that will help improve your team and boost profit. Facilities available to upgrade: Player, attendance, operation, and stadium.  

Game Pricing

Control the pricing of merchandise, concessions, ticket pricing, and parking pricing.

Pricing Graphs

View a bar graph of the revenue made from merchandise, concessions, ticket sales, and parking sales.

Team Finances

View revenues and expenses from your current season and past seasons. Your revenue consists of: media, advertising, ticket pricing, merchandise, concessions, shared NBA revenue, and playoffs. Expenses include player salaries, staff payroll, arena operations, promotions, and playoffs.

Player Finances

View your current roster's salary breakdown by year. You can also view your overall cap room and team salary total.

Jersey Sales

View the top 25 players in jersey sales. This shows the players' popularity, and can help you decide what players to acquire to build fan support.

Owner Goals

The team owner will often set goals for you to reach. If you reach the set goals, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of VC. 


Read about the personality of your owner. You can also view your owner's preferences on how the team is run, including: Money made, team success, team image, involvement, franchise morale, and patience.

Purchase Team

If you have had a lot of success being the GM of a team, you have the opportunity to purchase the team. The purchase cost 50,000 VC, and you must meet all of the current owner's requirements before he will sell.

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